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Let us get rid of old electrical appliances for you

When you have home appliances that you do not use, you want to get them out of your apartment as quickly as possible. How It Works? You disconnect them from the electricity, if they are heavy metal products you have to carry them heavily from the place they are out of the apartment, and make them all the way to the trash can. Why do you do all this if you have us? We give you the option to enjoy the service of removing electrical appliances from apartments when the work is ours only.

We can help you anywhere!

Indeed, we are evacuating electrical appliances from your private homes, but not only. We provide you with the service from anywhere you want – so if you are about to remove heavy electrical appliances from the office you work in, from the community center where you volunteer or from any other place we will come to clear the area.

no elevator? no problem

If necessary, while there is a great content and no elevator to move the various products, we will offer you the evacuation services with a special crane on which we can load all the various electrical appliances. ask us about the crane pricing.

Why use our services?

Though the law requires proper disposal of electronic devices in authorised dumps only, not all comapnies take it as serious as Prime junk removal specialists – Keeping the enviorment clean and safe for us and our children, is always on our minds and we won’t settle for less, just to make a quick buck.

so, how much sould it cost?

obviesly, the price mighr range a bit, according to the complexity and the volume of the scrap needed to be discarded, but for most electronic devices, you can get of help for less than 200$ – for more accurate information, please view our pricelist

Save $10 on same day service ● No credit card required ● 24/7 customer service at 1-877-704-0003