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everything you need to know before scheduling a junk removal job!

How do you calculate the price for a job?

unlike other companies in the junk removal industry, we believe that integrity is the most important quality in a company!
That's why you will get the price pre arrival ( according to the photos/info that you provided us with) and we can gurantee that the price won't change unless you are deciding to add more stuff for the job!

Do you break the items while loading them on the truck or just leave them as is ?

when doing the desired junk removal job, we will break all the items to make sure that you will pay exactly the amount that should be paid for that kind of job!
many companies are choosing to put the items as is on the trucks - just to rip off the clients for more money! we don't believe in that! with us you know that we will break everything that you need to make sure that you pay reasonably for the job!

our truck
our truck

info you should know


Junk removal is important

none of us like junk in our place!
whenever you notice some junk accumulated, call us!


regular cleaning will get you less junk accumulated over time!

make sure to clean your place once a week to avoid junk accumulating


we clean everything that you want us too

and we are doing in the cleanest, safest way available!


recycling is important

That's why we are always recycling whatever we can!
and on the way, we are showing grace to mother earth!


our drivers

our drivers are polite, and will always be there to help you! make sure you enjoy them as much as they enjoy serving you and your needs!

Prime Junk Removal Truck

smile and enjoy brooklyn!

when we around, you know that the houses, building, and streets are cleaner!
we are more than happy for serving our customers for 4 years and counting!

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